Jessup Electrical Wholesalers

AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 • 360º beam angle for shadow free • IP54 Rated • Heavy duty shock proof rubber base with Polycarbonate body & rubber handle SXLS31324E 240V, 120W & 8400lm SXLS31324ES 110V, 120W & 8400 lm • Shockproof rubber with moulded carry handle • IK10 impack resistance • 1.5mm Cable • 2 x extension sockets on lamp body rated 2kW SXLS31325ES 110V, 50W & 4000lm SXLS31325ES 240V, 50W & 4000lm • Heavy adjustable to 1.4m • Bar Clamp for fast & secure light installation • Tough powercoated finish to resist rust and corrosion • Floor standing or can be tripod mounted • Optional heavy duty tripod with clamp • dimmable 100% / 50% Brightness mode • 2m HO5RN-F cable • Heavy duty extendable tripod • Die-cut aluminium body with plastic protective bumpers • Foldable stand for easy storage and transportation • Die-cast aluminium body with plastic protective bumpers and handle • 1.8m HO5RN-F 3G 1.0mm Cable • Floor standing or tripod mounted • Optional heavy duty tripod with clamp available separately • Dimmable 100% / 50% Brightness Mode • 2m H05RN-F cable FORUM LIGHTING Professional area light Panel worklight Heavy duty tripod SXLS31333E Heavy duty tripod COB LED Worklight SXL531331E 240V, 33W & 4000lm Twin LED Floodlight with Tripod SXL531540E 2 x 20W & 2 x 1500lm Folding Worklight SXLS31334E 240V, 10W & 800lm SXLS31335E 240V, 20W & 1500lm SXLS31336E 240V, 30W & 2100lm SXLS31337E 240V, 40W & 3900 lm Twin COB LED Worklight SXLS31332 240V, 2 x 33W & 2 x 4000lm Stanley Work light