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AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 CROMPTON LAMPS Keto Integrated LED Highbay Energy efficient high powered integrated LED Highbay light. Available in 60° and 90°. 35,000 Hour life. Non-dimmable. Colour temp: 4000K Cool White. Code Rating Beam Angle Useful Lumens Ø Height 7642 100W 60° 10120lm 320mm 189mm 7659 150W 60° 15300lm 383mm 217mm 7666 220W 60° 22600lm 383mm 217mm 7055 100W 90° 10120lm 320mm 189mm 7062 150W 90° 15300lm 383mm 217mm 7079 220W 90° 22600lm 383mm 217mm Polo Integrated LED Downlight Energy efficient integrated LED ceiling mounted or drop pendant downlight with hollow ring design and constructed from corrosion resistant plastic. Non-dimmable. Beam angle of 120º 8885 25W 3000K WW 2200lm 298mm 225mm 225-1575mm 6355 25W 4000K CW 2200lm 298mm 225mm 225-1575mm Polo integrated LED downlight ceiling mounted Code Rating Colour Temp Lumens Ø Height Drop 8878 25W 3000K WW 2200lm 298mm 51mm 51mm 6348 25W 4000K CW 2200lm 298mm 51mm 51mm Polo integrated LED downlight drop pendant Firesafe 2 All-in-one LED Downlight 2nd generation energy efficient integrated LED fire rated downlight. Tri-colour select. 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated. 50,000 Hour life. Dimmable. Code Rating Colour Temp Beam Angle Useful Lumens 11175 10W 3000K/4000K/6000K 40° 720lm Diameter: 82mm, Height: 61mm, Cutout: 67-70mm Code Rating Colour Temp Beam Angle Lumens 11199 40W 2700K Warm White 120° 3350lm 9646 40W 4000K Cool White 120° 3400lm 11182 40W 6000K Daylight 120° 3200lm Galanos Athena Integrated LED Panel Energy efficient integrated LED panel. High efficieny 85lm/W with 30,000 hour life. 595 x 595mm; 10mm depth. Melana Range Code Rating Version Colour Temp. Ø Height 10574 10.5W Standard 4000K CW 260mm 79mm 10593 10.5W With Eyelid Cover 4000K CW 260mm 79mm Integrated LED oval bulkhead 30,000 hour life. IP66. Non-Dimmable. Black Finish. 720 useful lumens. 100° beam angle Energy efficient integrated LED round bulkhead suitable for wall or ceiling mounting. IP66 rated for both indoor and outdoor use with 110° beam angle. Dimensions: Diameter - 308mm, Height - 89mm. Integrated LED round bulkhead 35,000 Hour Life - Non-Dimmable - 1100 useful lumens Code Rating Version Colour Temp. Finish 6492 15W Standard 4000K White 6508 15W Standard 4000K Black 10628 15W Standard 3000K White 10635 15W Standard 3000K Black 10284 15W Microwave Sensor 4000K Black 10239 15W Microwave Sensor 4000K White 10291 15W 3 Hour Emergency 4000K Black 10246 15W 3 Hour Emergency 4000K White 10307 15W Microwave & Emergency 4000K Black 10253 15W Microwave & Emergency 4000K White Integrated LED slim bulkhead 35,000 Hour Life. IP54 rating. Non-Dimmable. 1700lm. 120° Beam angle Code Rating Finish Colour Temp. Ø Height 8892 18W White 4000K CW 300mm 48mm Integrated LED select bulkhead 40,000 hour life. Tri-Colour Select - 3000K/4000K/5000K. 1700lm Code Rating Version Beam Angle Ø Height 10468 18W Standard 120° 300mm 48mm 6393 18W Microwave Sensor 120° 300mm 48mm 6409 18W 3 Hour Emergency 120° 300mm 48mm Round Select Oval