Jessup Electrical Wholesalers - Product Catalogue Edition 20

170 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 ML Accessories LED Battens Single Lamp type: LED (supplied) 4000K Construction: Steel & Polycarbonate Single Code Model T8BLED12 10W T8BLED14 20W T8BLED15 26W T8BLED15EM 26W T8BLED15HL 40W T8BLED15HLEM 40W T8BLED16 30W T8BLED16EM 30W T8BLED16HL 50W T8BLED16HLEM 100W Twin Twin Length / Description Code Model T8BLED22 20W (2ft) 615mm T8BLED24 40W (4ft) 1225mm T8BLED25 50W (5ft) 1525mm T8BLED25EM 50W (5ft) 1525mm Emergency T8BLED25HL 80W (5ft) 1525mm High Lumen T8BLED25HLEM 80W (5ft) 1525mm Emergency High Lumen T8BLED26 60W (6ft) 1790mm T8BLED26EM 60W (6ft) 1790mm Emergency T8BLED26HL 100W (6ft) 1790mm High Lumen T8BLED26HLEM 100W (6ft) 1790mm Emergency High Lumen IP65 Non-Corrosive Fittings 230V as standard, 110V models available for site lighting Constructed from impact-resistant durable polycarbonate base and diffuser. Fitting supplied with quick-fit connector and fixing accessories. Ideal replacement for standard fluorescent fixtures. Suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Code Description Length Lumens TRLED12 Single 14W LED (2ft) 4000K 653mm 1530lm TRLED14 Single 23W LED (4ft) 4000K 1263mm 2650lm TRLED14EM Single 23W LED (4ft) Emergency 4000K 1263mm 2650lm TRLED15 Single 29W LED (5ft) 4000K 1563mm 3650lm TRLED15EM Single 29W LED (5ft) Emergency 4000K 1563mm 3650lm TRLED15D Single 29W LED (5ft) 6000K 1563mm 3610lm TRLED15EMD Single 29W LED (5ft) Emergency 6000K 1563mm 3610lm TRLED151 110V Single 29W LED (5ft) 4000K 1563mm 3400lm TRLED151EM 110V Single 29W LED (5ft) Emergency 4000K 1563mm 3400lm TRLED16 Single 33W LED (6ft) 4000K 1828mm 4100lm TRLED16EM Single 33W LED (6ft) Emergency 4000K 1828mm 4100lm TRLED16D Single 33W LED (6ft) 6000K 1828mm 3960lm TRLED16EMD Single 33W LED (6ft) Emergency 6000K 1828mm 3960lm TRLED22 Twin 28W LED (2ft) 4000K 653mm 3050lm TRLED221 110V Twin 28W LED (2ft) 4000K 653mm 3000lm TRLED221EM 110V Twin 28W LED (2ft) Emergency 4000K 653mm 3000lm TRLED24 Twin 41W LED (4ft) 4000K 1263mm 4670lm TRLED24EM Twin 41W LED (4ft) Emergency 4000K 1263mm 4670lm TRLED25 Twin 50W LED (5ft) 4000K 1563mm 5800lm TRLED25EM Twin 50W LED (5ft) Emergency 4000K 1563mm 5800lm TRLED25D Twin 50W LED (5ft) 6000K 1563mm 5700lm TRLED25EMD Twin 50W LED (5ft) Emergency 6000K 1563mm 5700lm TRLED26 Twin 69W LED (6ft) 4000K 1828mm 7770lm TRLED26EM Twin 69W LED (6ft) Emergency 4000K 1828mm 7770lm TRLED26D Twin 69W LED (6ft) 6000K 1828mm 7820lm TRLED26EMD Twin 69W LED (6ft) Emergency 6000K 1828mm 7820lm YEAR WARRANTY 5 YEAR WARRANTY 5 LED Battens • Cool White 4000K light output • High efficiency - up to 120lm/W • Rear and end conduit fixings • Hinged gear tray, with push-fit loop in / loop out connectors YEAR WARRANTY 5 Code Model Length Lumens BATS2 12W LED (2ft) 615mm 1315lm BATS4 22W LED (4ft) 1225mm 2625lm BATS4EM 22W LED (4ft) - Emergency 1225mm 2625lm BATS4S 22W LED (4ft) - Sensor 1225mm 2625lm BATS5 37W LED (5ft) 1525mm 4290lm BATS5EM 37W LED (5ft) - Emergency 1525mm 4290lm BATS5EMH 55W LED (5ft) - Emergency + High Lumen 1525mm 5925lm BATS5EMS 37W LED (5ft) - Emergency + Sensor 1525mm 4290lm BATS5H 55W LED (5ft) - High Lumen 1525mm 5925lm BATS5S 37W LED (5ft) - Sensor 1525mm 4290lm BATS6 42W LED (6ft) 1790mm 4875lm BATS6EM 42W LED (6ft) - Emergency 1790mm 4875lm BATS6EMH 60W LED (6ft) - Emergency + High Lumen 1790mm 6475lm BATS6EMS 42W LED (6ft) - Emergency + Sensor 1790mm 4875lm BATS6H 60W LED (6ft) - High Lumen 1790mm 6475lm BATS6S 42W LED (6ft) - Sensor 1790mm 4875lm CCT Adjustable LED Battens • Hinged gear tray, with push-fit loop in / loop out connectors • Rear and end conduit fixings • CCT adjustable to 3000/4000/6000K via easy-to-use switch on interior Code Model Length Lumens (3000/4000/6000K) BATC4 22W LED (4ft) 1170mm 2545/2765/2745lm BATC4EM 22W LED (4ft) - Emergency 1170mm 2545/2765/2745lm BATC5 35W LED (5ft) 1470mm 3775/4160/4160lm BATC5EM 35W LED (5ft) - Emergency 1470mm 3775/4160/4160lm BATC5EMH 60W LED (5ft) - Emergency + High Lumen 1470mm 6670/7440/7035lm BATC5H 60W LED (5ft) - High Lumen 1470mm 6670/7440/7035lm BATC5S 35W LED (5ft) - Sensor 1470mm 3775/4160/4160lm BATC6 40W LED (6ft) 1734mm 4645/5045/4955lm BATC6EM 40W LED (6ft) - Emergency 1734mm 4645/5045/4955lm BATC6EMH 67W LED (6ft) - Emergency + High Lumen 1734mm 7255/8100/7715lm BATC6H 67W LED (6ft) - High Lumen 1734mm 7255/8100/7715lm BATC6S 40W LED (6ft) - Sensor 1734mm 4645/5045/4955lm LED Surface Mounted Luminaire • Energy efficient integral high output LED • Robust polycarbonate diffuser • Ideal for educational and nursing/care facilities Code Model Length Lumens PRCLED4 43W LED (4ft) 1229mm 4700lm PRCLEDEM4 43W LED (4ft) - Emergency 1229mm 4700lm PRCLED 49W LED (5ft) 1490mm 6110lm PRCLEDEM 49W LED (5ft) - Emergency 1490mm 6110lm YEAR WARRANTY 5 YEAR WARRANTY 5