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AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 HEAT MAT Ice & Snow Systems • Trace heating • Driveway and ramp heating • Parking areas and loading ramps • Roof heating and gutter protection • Water pipes and sprinkler systems • Handrails, disabled access ramps • Agricultural and animal enclosures • Screed and concrete heating • Temporary outdoor heating mats • Cold store freezer doors Heat Mat have a comprehensive range of Ice and Snow melting solutions to prevent dangerous snow buildup in winter or protect property. Their specialist project team and technical department can offer advice or assist with specification for a wide range of applications including: Heat Mat provides high quality electric underfloor heating to fit beneath virtually any floor covering and their products represent excellent value for money. All products are 17th Edition and Part L compliant. For full installation and technical details please see www.heatm uk Quality products with customer service that is second to none Underfloor Heating Mats Order Code Size wide x long Approx Coverage (m 2 ) PKM-200-0060 0.5m x 1.2m 0.6 PKM-200-0100 0.5m x 2.0m 1.0 PKM-200-0160 0.5m x 3.2m 1.6 PKM-200-0200 0.5m x 4.0m 2.0 PKM-200-0260 0.5m x 5.2m 2.6 PKM-200-0280 0.5m x 5.6m 2.8 PKM-200-0350 0.5m x 7.0m 3.5 PKM-200-0420 0.5m x 8.4m 4.2 PKM-200-0540 0.5m x 10.8m 5.4 PKM-200-0600 0.5m x 12.0m 6.0 PKM-200-0670 0.5m x 13.4m 6.7 PKM-200-0750 0.5m x 15.0m 7.5 PKM-200-0890 0.5m x 17.8m 8.9 PKM-200-0990 0.5m x 19.8m 9.9 PKM-200-1320 0.5 x 26.4m 13.2 200W/m 2 heating mats Order Code Size wide x long Approx Coverage (m 2 ) PKM-160-0070 0.5m x 1.4m 0.7 PKM-160-0110 0.5m x 2.2m 1.1 PKM-160-0150 0.5m x 3.0m 1.5 PKM-160-0200 0.5m x 4.0m 2.0 PKM-160-0230 0.5m x 4.6m 2.3 PKM-160-0280 0.5m x 5.6m 2.8 PKM-160-0310 0.5m x 6.2m 3.1 PKM-160-0370 0.5m x 7.4m 3.7 PKM-160-0390 0.5m x 7.8m 3.9 PKM-160-0440 0.5m x 8.8m 4.4 PKM-160-0470 0.5m x 9.4m 4.7 PKM-160-0520 0.5m x 10.4m 5.2 PKM-160-0560 0.5m x 11.2m 5.6 PKM-160-0620 0.5m x 12.4m 6.2 PKM-160-0680 0.5m x 13.6m 6.8 PKM-160-0770 0.5m x 15.4m 7.7 PKM-160-0830 0.5m x 16.6m 8.3 PKM-160-0870 0.5m x 17.4m 8.7 PKM-160-0980 0.5m x 19.6m 9.8 PKM-160-1040 0.5m x 20.8m 10.4 PKM-160-1160 0.5m x 23.2m 11.6 PKM-160-1280 0.5m x 25.6m 12.8 PKM-160-1470 0.5m x 29.4m 14.7 160W/m 2 heating mats Heat Mat underfloor heating mats are available in 160W and 200W per m 2 outputs. Ideal for projects where a low build height and speedy installation are required. • Lifetime Warranty • 100% aluminum shielded for use in bathrooms • BEAB approved 200W heating mats are easy-to-install and designed to provide energy-efficient tile warming, or a full heating system, in all types of room. Mirror Demisters Heat Mat Mirror Demisters are a simple to install self-adhesive pad that affixes to your mirror and automatically ensures that they are steam free after bathing or showering. The pad can be wired through the lighting circuit and a low-voltage option is available for mirrors in Zone 1. • BEAB approved and made in the UK • Lifetime Warranty • Over 30 different sizes to choose from Order Code Size (mm) Watts / 230V MRH-274-0150 274 x 150 7W MRH-274-0265 274 x 265 15W MRH-274-0584 274 x 584 25W MRH-300-0800 300 x 800 48W MRH-400-0450 400 x 450 36W MRH-524-0520 524 x 520 50W MRH-524-0785 524 x 785 80W MRH-524-1040 524 x 1040 100W MRH-524-1505 524 x 1505 150W FlexHeat Underfloor Heating • Easy to install, maintenance free and great value for money • Made in Europe, independently approved • Constructed with a 3mm cable for low build height • Mats and cables supplied with a 10 year warranty The FlexHeat Underfloor Heating range is suitable for installation under a variety of floor coverings including tiles, laminate, wood, vinyl and carpet. FlexHeat underfloor heating thermostats UFSTAT00 UFSTAT10 • NGTouch colour touchscreen thermostat with a lifetime warranty • Premium frames compatible with the NGTouch in finishes such as brushed aluminium, chrome or coloured glass • Simple to use NGT-567 digital programmable and TPS manual thermostats Thermostats NGT-567-0010 NGT-2.0-STND NGTouch Underfloor heating cable Order Code Size (m 2 ) Power UFMAT010 1.0 0.15 kW UFMAT015 1.5 0.22 kW UFMAT020 2.0 0.30 kW UFMAT025 2.5 0.37 kW UFMAT030 3.0 0.45 kW UFMAT040 4.0 0.60 kW UFMAT050 5.0 0.75 kW UFMAT060 6.0 0.90 kW UFMAT070 7.0 1.05 kW UFMAT080 8.0 1.20 kW UFMAT090 9.0 1.35 kW UFMAT100 10.0 1.50 kW 150W/m 2 heating mats Order Code Coverage Unit Power UFCAB200 1.0-1.5 0.20 kW UFCAB300 1.6-2.2 0.3 kW UFCAB400 2.3-3.0 0.40 kW UFCAB600 3.1-4.4 0.60 kW UFCAB800 4.5-5.9 0.80 kW UFCAB1200 7.0-8.4 1.20 kW UFPRI200 1.0-1.5 200W kW UFPRI300 1.6-2.2 300W kW UFPRI400 2.3-3.0 400W kW UFPRI600 3.1-4.4 600W kW UFPRI800 4.5-5.9 800W kW UFPRI1200 7.0-8.4 1200W kW